Jacob Eli Logan

Jacob Eli Logan

Hi. We are the Logans.

In October 2012, we got the call that no parent ever wants to get. We learned that our son, Jacob, had been in a tragic accident and wouldn't be coming home to us. That day our hearts shattered into a million pieces. We began the long grief journey with no idea how to pick up the pieces.

From Coppell to Africa.

Losing Jacob showed us how important it is to make the most of our time here. So nine months after Jacob went Home, we left home. We headed to Zambia. Our goal was simple; we wanted to honor Jacob by loving on orphans. We fell in love with those amazing kids. Every time they showed us joy, they gave us a little piece of our broken hearts back. We thought we were being called to love on orphans. Little did we know we were being called for orphans to love on us. It was then we decided to build a house.

You built a house. 

Because you ran in the 2013 Jacob Logan Run, eight boys in Zambia now have a place to call home. Jacob's LifeVision Home (Phase 1) opened in June 2014. Jacob believed that God's love never fails. When we saw the joy on the faces of those boys as they entered their new home, we knew he was right.

Thank you for honoring jacob.

Phase 1 is done. 

Now, on to Phase 2.