A Lot of Love in Zambia

That's how it started.

It didn't take long for us to fall in love with the kids in Zambia. After our first visit, we knew we wanted to do more. And with your help, we did. We returned to the states and within just a few months, secured sponsorships for thirty (30) kids. (Thank you!) Those boys and girls no longer have to worry about simple things, like getting food or an education. But we knew we couldn't stop there. We knew we wanted to help more kids. So we decided to build a house. And build it we did. In June 2014, the doors of Jacob's LifeVision Home opened. 


A Home for The Boys

Phase 1 is done.

Phase 1 of Jacob's LifeVision Home is, in a word, beautiful. We loaded it full of inspiration -- with words to keep the boys motivated and lots of Jacob pictures to inspire them to keep pushing forward. The home serves as a transitional home for eight boys as they near the end of high school and prepare to leave the Tree of Life orphanage. This home is helping them transition into their next stage of life, whether it's college or learning a trade. The boys will live with a mentor that will help them as they adjust to adult life and responsibilities.

Now on to Phase 2 

Let's help some more kids.

Something we see so clearly is how lucky we are to live in the United States. Clean water, electricity, plumbing... so much that we take for granted. Now that we've given eight boys a place to call home, we want to complete the good work. Jacob was a "voice for the voiceless". Phase 2 of Jacob's LifeVision Home will connect directly to Phase 1, and will provide a home and transitional living for another 8 boys, bringing our total to 16. We are so blessed that Jacob's legacy lives on through them. Jacob was right... God's love never fails. NEVER.

Jacob's Tweet, September 23, 2012

Jacob's Tweet, September 23, 2012